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We are India’s first company to manufacture protease inhibitors. Through our innovation we aim to replace the imported inhibitors with our made in India product. 

Protease Inhibitor

NexGen HM Protease Inhibitor

NexGen HM Protease inhibitor is sufficient for the inhibition of proteolytic activity. It has the efficiency to inhibit a wide range of protease families such as serine, cysteine, metalloproteases, aspartic, and mixed protease, etc. It is well suited for the protection of proteins.

NexGen HM Proteinase K Inhibitor

Proteinase K is a 28.93kDa endopeptidase of the serine protease family and is called so because of its ability to hydrolyze keratin. It is a highly active enzyme which is active under a wide range of buffers and pH (7.5 – 12). To reduce its activity, Biopioneer offer novel proteinase K inhibitor for R&D outcome.

NexGen Protease Inhibition Assay KIT​

NexGen Protease Inhibition Assay KIT

NexGen Protease Inhibitor Assay Kit can be used by academic institutes to demonstrate to their student’s enzyme activity and its inhibition. The Kit is easy to use and comes with a detailed SOP for SDS-PAGE and Fluorescence spectroscopy.

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NexGen HM RIPA Buffer With Protease Inhibitor

NexGen HM RIPA Buffer is a ready to use lysis buffer already consisting of NexGen HM protease inhibitor in the solution, which is wide spectrum protease inhibitor. It is used to isolate protein from mammalian cell line. EDTA free.

Our USPs

Wide Thermal Stability

Water Soluble Materials (100%)

Wide pH Stability


Compatible with Buffer & Surfactant

Negligible Toxicity

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