About Us

Biopioneer is a protease inhibitor innovation company which offers novel protease inhibitor for isolation of different proteins from the cell lines, plants, microbes, tissues, nematodes etc. and impacts on the quality protein for better R&D outcome.

Our Vision

Who we are

At Biopioneer, we offer novel protease inhibitor for isolation of different proteins from the cell line, plant, microbes, tissue, nematodes etc. and impacts on the quality protein for better R&D outcome. We aspire to support the value of your protein research with our NexGen HM protease inhibitor.

We are the 1st organization in India to manufacture protease inhibitors. Most of protease inhibitors are imported in India. Through our innovation we aim to replace the imported inhibitors with our made in India product.

Protease Inhibitor

Our Start Up Journey

Biopioneer was incubated in Technology Business Incubator KIIT- TBI since 2020 and was recognized by startup Odisha and supported by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt of India. The company has developed a protease inhibitor and has started offering its unique protease inhibitor to different Life sciences R&D labs.

Our Unique Selling Points

Wide Thermal Stability

98% efficiency to proteinase K inhibition

Wide pH Stability


100% Water Soluble

Zero cost cold
condition transport

Compatible with Buffer & Surfactant

Negligible Toxicity

0 interference in fluorescence based quantification of protein

Low competitive pricing (<5-10 times)

Global Footprint

The proposed solution is unique based on its potential property, therefore it could be applied to the cosmetic industry, antiviral drug development, biotech research, diagnostics, proteomics research, biochemical industry, agriculture, food industry, academic research, etc. The application of currently available popular protease inhibitors is limited due to their toxicity, expensive synthesis process, and thermal instability. Therefore, our product could be an inspiration globally for new protease inhibitor development.

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